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A reel is an object around which lengths of another material are wound for storage.
Reel may also refer to:

Reel (dance), a type of dance and its accompanying music
Reel (horse), a thoroughbred racehorse and prolific broodmare
Reel (people), an ethnic group of Sudan
Reel language, or Atwot, a Nilotic language of South Sudan that is closely related to Nuer
The Reels, an Australian rock pop group
“The Reel”, branding of Colorado radio station KQZR-FM
Reel Cinemas, a cinema chain in the United Arab Emirates
Reel Cinemas (UK), a cinema chain in the United Kingdom
Reel Corporation, an Australian film distributor
Reel Theatres, a cinema chain in the USA
Fishing reel, a device used on a fishing rod to wind the fishing line up
Leica reel, a type of storyboarding device in animation
Showreel (actors), a piece of video or film footage that displays an actor’s work
Reel, one of the rotating bands that form the main feature of a slot machine
Reel, a complex bird vocalization consisting of several short elements which are repeated regularly. It is a territorial song when used by fairy-wrens of the family Maluridae

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