Not Forgetting How Great a Holiday Was

I think this is a typical sign of these times. I am talking about us forgetting how great a holiday was. More specifically I am talking about us hardly ever 300px-Camera_obscura2looking at our holiday pictures after we’re back home. What a shame.

How It Was in the Old Days

The idea for this article was actually born last Christmas. We were having our Christmas dinner with the family together when all of a sudden someone was passing around an album with pictures taken at a birthday celebration the summer before.

Now I’ve grown up knowing what a photo album is. But somehow that memory had faded significantly. In a way it was strange to see someone passing around a book which held pictures. But at the same time it felt very comfortable and familiar.

Now don’t get me wrong. I won’t get all mushy on you here. It was just such a strange and familiar thing seeing people looking at pictures they actually held in their hands. But of course the old days of cameras will not come back.

What We Do Now

Well, this is a bit of an open door. We know what we do now. We take our holiday pics on our iPhones and iPads, and never look at them again. Or certainly not the way that an iPad is passed around (you can’t really see photo’s on an iPhone now can you?). Besides the older generation still has difficulties dealing with the swiping back and forth. Watching your latest holiday to Sri Lanka becomes more of a pain than an enjoyable sharing of experiences, right?

Even my last holiday pictures are still either on my iPhone or somewhere in the cloud. And the remarkable thing is that these holiday pics are actually pretty special. For me at least. Why? Because they contain a number of photo’s I’ve taken underwater. I’d bought one of those waterproof cases for my iPhone 5. It worked like a charm, and the pictures are excellent.

But still I haven’t bothered to share them with anyone.

How To Do it Better

With the future promise on online storage becoming cheaper and cheaper (at least that is what I have read for 2014 and beyond) I think more and more people will put their pictures in the cloud.

When we’re able to solve most if not all security and privacy issues when dealing with putting stuff online and in the cloud, I think that could indeed be an excellent solution to put our photo’s there.

The other advantage than that we would have access to our pics always and everywhere. And with the marching on and spreading of everyone having a tablet or iPad, I forsee (look at me, the big predictor… ;) ) that soon we all will carry around our iPads to wherever we go, showing our underwater holiday pictures just the way would would years ago when everything was still on glossy paper.

Mmm, the only thing I need to do now is promise myself (or rather justify to myself) a new iPad Air…

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Being the Student that I am

Moving Out From My Parents

I guess it was simply about time. It was about time that I moved out of my parents house and started living on my own. I decorationthink I was about 25 or so when it suddenly hit me: I needed to stand on my own two legs, and move on with my life. On my own. Away from my parents.

Well, with away from my parents I don’t mean that I wanted to abandon them. I just wanted a place of my own. A place that I could decorate (big word) and where I could determine the times I would leave, and more importantly, the times that I would come home. [Read more...]

New Year Resolutions in June

new yearWhen I write this article it is almost a new year. And strangely enough I still keep having the urge to come up with so called New Year Resolution.

Just the other day I was having a discussion with my wife whether New Year Resolution were the same as setting Goals. She did not quite agree with me, but for my they are the same. And as a matter of fact, when I look at my own goals for the coming new year, the are both New Year resolutions and Goals. At least for me. [Read more...]

What to Eat When You’re in a Rush

When I was a bit younger, no, when I was a lot younger, I can remember my Mom worrying about my food habits. I call them my food habits, but only pizza boxbecause they were habits. Well, it was food I ate, but it was quite monotonous to be honest. And only years later I found out what else I could eat without losing much time.

The Time of Pizza & Red Bull

Growing up a young boy my Mom always made sure I ate right. She would serve me my veggies and other healthy stuff to eat. Occasionally we’d go to a McDonalds to get some fast food, but really not very often. Not even once a week. We did go to other restaurants, but there I always had to make sure that quite a big portion of my dinner was made up from the salad bar.

But then I started living on my own, and I developed a love for computers. I guess it was then that I saw breakfast, lunch and dinner being degraded as biological needs. Needs that had to be satisfied to keep on doing what I wanted to do most, and that was working on my laptop.

So what’s the almost always default food a “nerd” isĀ supposedĀ to eat? Of course, it’s Pizza. Being washed down with a couple of cans of Red Bull.

Even breakfast, if I had any, was replaced by a slice of pizza or two from the evening before. The only thing that would change there is the Red Bull. I would drink black coffee instead.

Developing a New Insight

Pinpointing when this happened is hard to tell. Maybe it was me gaining too much weight (even though I was eating lots of pizza’s I always was weight conscious). Or maybe it was the fact that I couldn’t sleep well at night.

I do remember my Mom giving me a smoothies blender for my birthday. It was a neat little machine. I guess one of those Ninja blenders. And I guess that she saw my food habits and hoped this way that my breakfast would change from a cold slice of pizza to a much healthier frozen food smoothie.

And you know what? It actually did. I’ve always had a bit of a sweet tooth when I was a little boy. Pizza’s didn’t do that for me (not even pizza Hawaii). But with a frozen smoothie I could have that nice sweet taste that I liked.

Gradually I started eating more veggies as well. And yes, I also used the blender for this. Mainly in the evening. I would do half a pizza together with a green smoothie.

The Healthy Life Ahead of Me

These little changes changed my life for the better. Eating less junk food (let’s face it, eating too much pizza become the same as eating junk food) and eating more fruits and veggies at the same time has improved my life a great deal.

I sleep better, I look better, I weigh less. How’s that? And I still spend as much time as before doing the stuff I love: working on my computer.

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