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Link Research Tools Link Research Tools with the CBLT feature in practice
Link sources of competition are an exciting option in link building to generate even new links. The most promising are where a number of competitors already have a link the sources. Here, the willingness of a link is present and the opportunities, also to get a link there, are real. To those link sources to find very quickly and effectively, we set in the Link Research Tools Linkbuilding.pro. How this process works with the Link Research Tools, is presented in this article with further details.

Configure Report

Before it comes to the analysis, data must be collected. For a so-called “CBLT” report starts in the Link Research Tools. So a report with the “Common Backlinks Tool”. If we go there once together.

Defining competitors

Competitors define-1
We require competitors to ever start an analysis. At least two competitors are required. If no list of competitors is known, a list can be searched on the basis of a small link simply keywords. We use now is precisely this step to competitors in the area to find the “link building”.

Competitors define-2
In the small window which now appeared, the correct search engine and language must be selected. In our case, Google.de and German. Next, the concept has to be entered there, is to identify the competitors. And the depth, so the number of hits in Google. For this analysis, “link building” has been registered and 10 matches are to be found.

The list of link building agency sites to be analyzed now consists of 10 domains / URLs. From these pages, the common link sources are researched later.

Competitors define-3
Configure details in the report

In the next step we have to define whether the domains are to be analyzed on the list stand up, or whether the evaluation is to refer to the exact URLs. We generate a lot of hits, as it is a very general keyword, we use in this case, the entire domains.

Competitors define-4
Thus the amount of data to be aggregated as possible, the “Link Boost” must be put on stage. 5 In this way, tap the Link Research Tools on all available link sources and enter the maximum amount of data freely.

SEO metrics

Now it goes to the last settings before the report can be started. The SEO metrics are settings in which we decide what the evaluation of data and filter it should be. Such as whether we want to know whether links are still discoverable. How many backlinks the domain (link source) total. What is the visibility of the respective website and what it is for a type of page (forum, blog, website, news etc.). These are all examples of an almost endless variety of data.

For this we have only four areas activated.

SEO metrics
Finally, we make another if we are to find common links for domains or URL. Above we had a similar attitude. Since it was a question whether the target domains or destination URLs to be used. Now it comes to the settings for the link sources themselves. And we decide here, too, that we need at least 2 matches so that a record in the analysis appears. So the smallest possible common ground.

final-report settings
Then the report gets even a meaningful title, so we find it among our other reports at any time and immediately know what is at stake.

And off. Now a few minutes necessary to wait until the report is finished. After that, the analysis can begin. Depending on the number of SEO metrics that one chooses, take a report between 5 to 20 minutes. Experience shows!

Find Common Links

The report lasted only a few minutes and yielded a total of 396 common link sources of the aforementioned sites. We see this link sources are now in detail. Here we can advance even get an overview of the profile of all the link sources and see how much the sites are about.

A good indicator is for the Cemper Power * Trust. The value shows us is how much a domain and how much trust or authority having the domain. One nice thing therefore be able to make a small review of a link profile.

Cemper Power Trust
We see now that there is a pretty decent overall link profile. But we speak only of the common links. Each page in the individual can still have a bad link profile. So deep we could easily analyze with another tool in the Link Research Tools.

Here is an overview of the number of common links all participating domains.

Number of common-Left
Now we’ll look at in depth, what common links have the domains. Since there are almost 400 hits, well worth it, the different filters of the Link Research Tools to use. Finally, we want to find the worthwhile link sources by the shortest route.

Anyone who has never worked with the Link Research Tools, is eventually overwhelmed by the table and the data bit. By the time you get used to it and immediately know how to filter the data are thus tune the results.

Click CBLT table table to enlarge.
In the column “Domain” at the front of the table, are the domains on which backlinks found. The column then that is numbered from 1 to 10 shows on, which domains are linked there. So from the selection of the 10 domains that were selected when creating the report and a table were lists above.

Further back are then i.a. the column “Site Type” and “Trust” very important for quality data can be filtered. Otherwise we would have been working very tedious at 400 domains and every little “possible” source abgrasen manually.

Using filters

Now we filter the results by Trust and types. When Trust a value 3 is recommended. And at the types of pages, we choose “blog” so that we do also first have a beginning. What kinds of links we then expect not known and must be examined individually. Of course, blogs can be speculated on comments increases.

CBLT filter
Nearly 400 results have now been reduced to 87 matches. A perfectly acceptable sum, which can be easily analyzed by manual screening. Where the links are on a domain in detail, can be viewed by clicking on the desired domain number. Here’s an example.

CBLT-results Click picture to enlarge.
The table can be seen that three of our analyzed domains, from the website Internetblogger.de have a backlink. We can now see where the link is exactly and where it leads. The status of the link (follow / nofollow) appears and the link text with which a web page is linked. In this example, it is augmented by typical links from comments.

If you wanted to, you could now go to the link source and also place a meaningful and valuable comment with an article. This one closes with a link on the source directly to the competitors. Whether a link is now marked as “follow” or “nofollow”, should the daily link building play only a minor role – if any.

With nearly 400 sites we now have enough potential link sources prior to strengthen the link profile Linkbuilding.pro sustainably. But here we should not blindly imitating all links but always check where it makes sense. The lead over competitors we get then through their own links that have “yet” not other sites or would never get.

This article is intended as an example of how to build links that already have several competitors. There is no article in the now is to demonstrate where we set up the links to our agency side shortly. 😉

Tool: Link Research Tools

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